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Working Together to Help You

We are committed to offering high quality health and wellness services from a variety of disciplines. From psychotherapy and acupuncture to nutrition counseling, and herbal medicine - we offer services for mind and body. We are a community of practitioners  committed to creating a place of health and wellness. We understand the connection between mind, body, spirit and community. 

Acupuncture to relieve stress, or EMDR to process trauma, controlling blood sugar with diet, or therapy for your child - these are just some of the services offered by a team of qualified practitioners. We will work with you to find a path to the health and wellness you seek for yourself, your child and your family - and if you desire - we will work with each other to help you achieve your goals. 

Our Professional Qualifications

Nancy Maguire is a psychologist,

licensed in 22 states. 

Anne Denner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Clinical Supervisor


Tricia Stefankiewicz is a registered dietitian

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