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Bravery and Self Care

Self care seems to go through booms and busts. Spa days, a “forbidden” food, fun in some not often allowed way. A good thing, right? I am having my doubts. An unintended consequence is that self care can be a way to make misery sustainable. A boss who bullies, a spouse who is disengaged, parents who still criticize, not taking a risk, nagging doubt. All of these would require change, commitment to change, bravery and risk. But a spa day? Just make an appointment, forget the boss, spouse, parents, rage, regret - if only until the need for self care arises again.

Maybe there can be deep self-care. Self care for the soul, the spirit, the life that you want even if no one else does. Starting with a small risk, daring to write down the desired life, engaging in a deep and ongoing conversation, all of these care for ourselves at another layer, one not so easily reached. Deep self-care needs a boom. Maybe we could then do both, self care that soothes and comforts and self care that changes our lives.


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