Our Wish to Return to Normal

May 22, 2020

It is a lament, a feeling, a crossing of fingers. However the wish is made to return to normal after the experience of loss, sudden change to work, school. contact with friends and family, it is a wish for something past. Pandemic has changed our world. We drive less, eat out less, don't get haircuts or see loved ones. We will do this for however long was needed. We wear masks, maybe gloves. We wait in lines at the grocery store and wash our hands endlessly.


We also praise healthcare workers, grocery clerks, pharmacists and more, all on the frontline risking themselves. Stay home we are told, social distance, be careful, stay well. We see the images of loss, maybe share the loss as well. Things may seem surreal, time is both fast and slow. Be well, stay safe speaks of a virus. It also speaks less directly to our wellbeing. Depression, anxiety, trauma are also a part of the experience of pandemic. We will gradually adapt to this new world, but must also heal from the loss. 



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