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Staying Sane while Quarantined

If you and your family are quarantined because of illness, such as COVID-19, there are ways to reduce your stress during this time.

Stay on your regular sleep/wake cycle. If you get up for work or school at 7, keep getting up at seven. Do not stay up past your usual bed time. The temptation might be to stay up late and sleep in, but you will feel better on your body's regular clock.

If you are not feeling sick, remember to exercise. Use that piece of equipment you always planned on using, use your stairs for cardio exercise and use yoga videos for some stretching.

Avoid boredom or "cabin fever". Create a daily schedule for yourself. Some ways to fill your time are finishing projects, practice a musical instrument, write a blog, or bake bread. Capitalize on your interests, you can even go online and take a class.

Stay connected with friends and family. Make phone or video calls so you are hearing someone's voice including tone of voice. This is especially true if you are along during the quarantine.


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